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Fastfoward science entry — news

So, just over a month ago the short film ‘Glacial Mysteries’, was summited as an entry to the fast forward science competition. Now it seems like our hard work on the film has payed off and it has been selected as one of the five finalists by the jury. Also, now people can vote on it to possibly win a community choice award. So please help out if you can and vote of leave a positive comment. It would mean a lot to everyone who was involved in the project.

The latest new of this, is that we have actually won the 1st price of the jury award and the film is finally online in an English version.
Have a look:

Fast forward science entry

Fast forward science, is a video competition for science short films, discussing current research. The idea is to make this research as  broadly comprehensible as possible, meaning that you do not need a PhD to actually understand what the film is about. This year is the first time I have co-entered this competition, with a film by Guillaume Jouvet. Below you can find the German version of the film, that was needed for the competition:


(In the future I will also post an English version of the film.) This short film aims to illustrate Guillaume’s research and in particular focuses on a scientific paper he published last year (2013) which discusses how computer simulations of a glacier can actually be used to reconstruct the trajectory path of a dead body within the glacial ice and in this way solve the mystery of three hikers who had disappeared on a hike over 80 years ago.